Why Yager Fitness?


We're on a mission to reinvent online personal training. For far too long, the internet has spread misinformation regarding nutrition, exercise, and general health. As a result, it’s become increasingly difficult to navigate the “healthy” landscape and figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction.


What’s the latest nutrition study saying about protein?
Do carbs make you fat or do they provide essential energy?
What’s the deal with “healthy” fats?


At Yager Fitness, our vision is a world where:

  • Factual nutritional information is easy to find and understand.
  • Exercise science is second nature to everyone.
  • Every individual can attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Our hope is that any person, anywhere in the world will be able to easily apply knowledge and training they’ve gained from Yager Fitness programs to their daily diets, workouts, and overall lifestyle. Through these pursuits we aspire to better the lives of everyone around the globe.

That's why at Yager Fitness, you'll receive a regimen built just for you, from the ground up. We pride ourselves on thoughtful workout plans and helpful nutritional guidance, all resting on the foundation of a real understanding of you and your goals. We don't just want to write you a plan, we want to change your life.



Learn about our mission, methods, and the resulting years of experience.

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